School Clubs

St MacNissi’s Extended School day
It is hoped that all pupils will benefit from the activities, which the school has to offer. Pupils have many opportunities to develop their talents through activities such as, Inter-School Sports, Field and Outdoor Activity Trips, Football, Irish Dancing, Traditional Irish Music, School Plays and Concerts. The school is also involved with the IFA, the GAA and MR Sports who all aim to encourage young people to participate and enjoy sport.


ICT oliver

After Schools Clubs (Primary 1- Primary 3)


    Activity                            Day

MR Sports-Fundamentals           Monday 2pm – 3pm
MR Sports-Gaelic                        Tuesday 2pm – 3pm
French                                          Wednesday 2pm - 3pm (P2 and P3)
Irish Dancing                              Thursday 2pm - 3pm 


After Schools Clubs (Primary 4- Primary 7)

Activity                               Day

MR Sports-Dodgeball                Monday 3pm – 4pm
ICT                                              Wednesday 3pm – 4pm (P4 and P5)
French                                        Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Choir                                           Tuesday 3pm – 4pm (P5 - P7)
Gaelic                                         Thursday 3pm – 4pm (P5, P6 and P7)
Irish Dancing                             Thursday 3pm – 4pm
MR Sports- Dodgeball               Friday 3pm – 4pm


Summer Camp

This runs July and August and is organised by MR Sports. A full programme of activities, are sorted for all children Primary 1 to Primary 7. These programmes normally run from 9:00am to 3:00pm






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